Silvia Bertagna


I started skiing at the age of 3, on the slope in front of my house. I did some ski lessons but never started to compete. When I was 8 I started with figure skating, I did competitions until i was 15, then I stopped, and started skiing again, first only for fun, doing some jumps with friends... then everything became more serious, bigger jumps, bigger tricks and bigger contests…then in 2013 I started with the world cups for the olympic qualification, and I made it. Ended up 8th and since then skiing became my work, and i’m now traveling the whole year for competitions around the world


Domáce stredisko
slopestyle & big air
climbing, surfing

2nd big air WC Myrkdalen 2017                  

1st big air WC Mönchengladbach 2016        

2nd slopestyle WC Cardrona 2015                      

8th olympics Sochi 2014                                    

3rd slopestyle WC Gstaad 2104

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1. Obľúbené Marker viazanie
jester 16
2. Prečo?
strong and safe
3. Ako sa ti páči byť súčasťou Marker rodiny?
because you can always count on the best products
4. Ako dlho jazdíš za Marker?
6 years
5. Kedy si začal s lyžovaním? 
at 3 years old

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