Mack Rankin


Growing up in British Columbia time in the wilderness was always a part of family life. After graduating school I found a home in the mountains and community of people that live in Whistler BC. I work as a full time ski patroller on Whistler Mountain. When I'm not throwing bombs and keeping people safe within the boundary of the resort I spend as much of my free time as possible in the backcountry of the Sea to Sky corridor.


Dátum narodenia
Domáce stredisko
Whistler Blackcomb
Trail running, biking


1. Obľúbené Marker viazanie
Kingpin 13
2. Prečo?
An unrivaled ballence between uphill and downhill performance
3. Ako sa ti páči byť súčasťou Marker rodiny?
It's an honor to work with skiers making products to make skiing better
4. Kedy si začal s lyžovaním? 
5. Obľúbené stredisko na lyžovanie?
Coast Mountains

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