Jeremy Pancras


Every day on skis makes me more passionated about it, I love traveling the world with my cameras and immortalize those little moments so I can talk my friend about when I get home :)


Dátum narodenia
Domáce stredisko
La Clusaz
More fun please
Photography / videography / skateboard / travel the world

4th Redbull Playstreets

1st SFR tour

2nd SnowCrown

6th Jon Olsson Invitational

French champion 2014

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1. Obľúbené Marker viazanie
Jester Pro 16
2. Prečo?
They work perfectly as they hold good on tough landing and pop out on right moments when I'm crashing, they're design is dope and I never broke any pair in 6 years
3. Ako sa ti páči byť súčasťou Marker rodiny?
We are a family, Marker got my back through injuries and project for 6 years now and I'm loving the spirit of the company as they ask for us / riders to help improve skis years after years wihch make them the best possible. I don't feel like I work for Marker, I feel like we are working together and that's priceless
4. Ako dlho jazdíš za Marker?
6 Years
5. Kedy si začal s lyžovaním? 
2 and a half

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