Fraser McDougall


Fraser McDougall is one of the hardest working skiers always out chasing the shot both on the front of the hill and in the backcountry. Pictures of Fraser throwing massive backflips have adorned not only the pages of New Zealand Skier magazine but publications around the world since he was a teenager.


Dátum narodenia
New Zealand
Domáce stredisko
Treble Cone, Wanaka
Big Mountain Skiing
Climbing, flying, sailing

1st Verbier Freeride Week 2*

Legs Of Steel 'Passenger' - The North Face Bolivia Expedition - Lost Gringos

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1. Obľúbené Marker viazanie
2. Prečo?
It's a good quality product with the strength to last season after season.
3. Obľúbené Marker lyž. okuliare und helma
Big Picture goggle and Clark helmet
4. Prečo?
The Big Picture and range of lenses are the best I've had, they are skratch resistant and hardly fog up - the Clark is light weight and great for traveling
5. Ako sa ti páči byť súčasťou Marker rodiny?
Skiing as a lifestyle and job is a worthy endeavour, it’s the most enjoyable dedicated life you can live - no one embodies that more then the volkl team; whether it’s the athletes, or the manufacturing team. Passion comes first.

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