Jess McMillan


Jess McMillan was born and raised in Jackson Hole. The Freeskiing World Tour Champion has been featured in the last 7 Warren Miller Films. Her passion is life is adventure. She loves any new experience in the mountains.


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United States
Ulubione góry
Jackson Hole Mountain Resort
Goals are Good. Do you best forget the rest.
Big Mountain
Mountain Biking, Kayaking, Climbing, Surfing
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Freeride World Tour Champion

Won more Freeskiing Competitions than any other male/female

Rider's Videos


1. Ulubione wiązania Marker
Jester Pro
2. Dlaczego?
The Jester Pro is Bomber! I feel confident every time I here the click of the binding. I know it will do it’s job.
3. Ulubione gogle i kask Marker
Phoenix Otis with the 3D+ Otis
4. Dlaczego?
It is super styley, comfortable, and safe. The goggles are comfortable, fit in the helmet perfectly, and have great visibility.
5. Dlaczego lubisz być częścią zespołu Marker?
Marker makes the best bindings on the market and are very innovative.

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