Lisa Hörhager


I am an austrian girl, who has a great passion for alpine skiing. I learned it at the age of 2. I grew up with skiing and I still love it. I also love to travel the world. Travelling while racing is my favorite. Therefore I will fight to reach the top of the world.


Data di nascita
Località sciistica di provenienza
Never give up
Alpine Ski Racing, Giant Slalom /Slalom
hang out with friends and family
Migliori risultati

2nd FIS Slalom Telfs AUT
10th FIS Slalom Malbun LIE
12th FIS Ofterschwang GER
3rd NJC Slalom Telfs AUT
1st CIT Slalom St. Anton a. Arlberg AUT



1. Attacco Marker preferito.
Race X-Cell
2. Perchè?
i feel great on it and it makes me fast
3. Perchè vuoi diventare partner del team Marker?
they always support and help me as much as they can
4. Per quanto tempo hai sciato con Marker?
since i was 10 years old (8 years)
5. A che età hai iniziato a sciare?
at the age of 2

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