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The American has set the standard of the sport for girls in recent years with outstanding video segments, a benchmark that still remains untouched.
It wasn’t obvious in her youth, that Ingrid would go this way. While growing up in Seattle, she was skiing often in the surrounding areas, but when she went to Squaw Valley after graduating from college in 2000, she only intended to do one year of skibumming.
It all began with some freeride contests, where the trail running fan did very well despite not being the typical competition type. Her skiing caught the eye of video producers Matchstick Productions and in 2004 she entered the scene with a bang. Her incredible segment in MSP’s “Yearbook” earned her Powder Video Awards both for “Best Female Performance” and “Breakthrough Performance”. In the following years Ingrid kept pushing her limits, straightlining whole AK faces, dropping big cliffs with front- or backflips, simply doing things that before only men would do while skiing big mountains. Ingrid Backstrom has legitimised to call female skiers real big mountain rippers, and is far from being finished!


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Crystal Mountain, WA
just keep getting out there and stay on the journey
skiing, mountain biking, running, surfing, cooking
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5-time best female performance at Powder Awards,

ski descent of Denali,

first ski descent of 20,000ft Reddomaine Peak in China,

20+ ski movies

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1. Fixation Marker préférée
Jester Pro and Kingpin, it’s a tie
2. Pourquoi?
they are both super bomber--I trust them for ups, downs, airs, and all conditions, plus the Kingpins are fairly light and very easy to use
3. Pourquoi aimes-tu faire partie du team Marker?
best bindings and best innovation and technology!
4. Depuis quand rides-tu avec Marker?
15-plus years
5. À quelle âge as-tu commencé à skier?

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