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I grew up close to the Bavarian Alps, which I still call my home mountains. It's a great place to be, with many alpine advetnures just around the corner. With curiosity I started to expand my view and knowledge, first in the alps, later while traveling around the world. Having Family and working as a mountain guide as well as a adventure photographer and DOP allows me to live a creative and very fulfilled life right now.


Montagne locale
Bavarian Mountain
Touring, Freeride
Climbing, Guiding, Family-Life
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1. Fixation Marker préférée
King Pin
2. Pourquoi?
For me it's the best binding on the market for touring and freeride-touring. Light for the performence you get, super-safe and provided with an excelent handling
3. Masques et casque Marker préférés
Convoy and 16:10
4. Pourquoi?
it's a great combination of an amazing comfort, perfect ventilation and unristricted visability
5. Pourquoi aimes-tu faire partie du team Marker?
because it's just pure joy to use this stuff

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