Paul Bonhomme


Father of 4 children, high mountain guide, athlete, i am a mountain passionate whose goal is to put some bridges between the many different disciplines and to make mountaineering looks more sociable that it may seem.

Datos informativos

Fecha de nacimiento
Lugar habitual de esquí
Annecy range, France
Mountains are not good or bad, they are just mountains.
Steep skiing
Trail running, climbing, fast and light mountaineering
Mejores resultados

Some new 5.5 roads in the Alps, Nant Blanc descent, first full descent on Himlung 7126m …


1. ¿A qué edad empezaste a esquiar?
2 years old
2. Lugar favorito para esquiar
the one i don't know yet
3. Tu viaje de esquí favorito
Pumori 2016
4. Ídolo de esquí
My brother / Jean-Noël Urban / Pierre Tardivel / Bode Miller / Alberto Tomba /
5. ¿Qué haces cuando no estas esquiando?
Father and training

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