Mark Abma


I'm love playing in the outdoors and in turn I resepect what the outdoors provide for us.

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Live and let live. Onwards and upwards.
Big Mountain and Backcountry skiing
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 Having lots of fun on my skis everyday…and 2x Powder Magazines Male skier of the Year

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1. Fijación Marker favorita
2. ¿Por qué?
It's light weight and strong. I use this binding for the resort, ski touring or big mountain skiing.
3. ¿Por qué te gustaría formar parte del equipo de Marker?
I'm stoked to be on the the Marker team because they are the leader in providing kick ass bindings.
4. ¿Hace cuanto tiempo que esquías con Marker?
1 year
5. ¿A qué edad empezaste a esquiar?
I was 10 years old when I first started skiing

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