Caro North


Born in Switzerland the connection to the mountains was there and I started skiing 3 years old and climbing 11years old. During highschool I did some competition climbing and at the same time developped mountaineering and alpine climbing skills. Soon it was clear that the mountains were my absolute passion. I did my first expedition when I was 16 years old to Aconcagua. After this many more followed to remote places to open new routes, climb unclimbed peaks and ski interesting lines. These expeditions brought me to the Indian Himalaya, Patagonia, Iran, Alaska, BC, Antarctica,... If I am not away on an expedition or climbing somewhere around the world, you find me in the Alps always looking for new challenges or sharing my passion while guiding. I was member of the first female expedition team of the German Alpine Club and I am a Swiss IFMGA Mountain Guide.

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Verbier Switzerland
Live your dream!
climbing,skiing, mountaineering, expeditions,... mainly being out in the mountains and on the rocks the whole time.


1. Fijación Marker favorita
Marker alpinist
2. ¿Por qué?
Because it's a great light binding for skitouring and guiding!
3. ¿Por qué te gustaría formar parte del equipo de Marker?
Because they give me a great support for my projects and always find quick solutions if anything is missing for skiing! A great cooperation!
4. ¿Hace cuanto tiempo que esquías con Marker?
from this year on!
5. ¿A qué edad empezaste a esquiar?
aged 3

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