Birk Ruud


Active boy motivated by creativity and progression. Living right outside of Oslo.

Datos informativos

Fecha de nacimiento
Lugar habitual de esquí
Play every day
Big Air, slopestyle & halfpipe
cliff diving, trampoline, fashion and jewelry
Mejores resultados

1st place X Games Oslo 2018


1. Fijación Marker favorita
Jester 16 ID
2. ¿Por qué?
I can trust the bindings 100% - so it is very nice to feel confident that the bindings wont fail me
3. ¿Por qué te gustaría formar parte del equipo de Marker?
I believe they have the best bindings on the market - so it is really cool to be part of a team that gets to ride with those bindings.
4. ¿Hace cuanto tiempo que esquías con Marker?
Just fresh on the team and very happy with it!
5. ¿A qué edad empezaste a esquiar?
I got my first pair of skis when I was 8 years old

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