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Over the past few years ski touring has evolved a lot, and it’s common to see a huge variety of choices out there. To figure out the best equipment options, it‘s necessary to find out what kind of uphill and downhill experience you’re looking for. There are three main types of touring, each with its own equipment necessities. Here are our recommendations: 

Focus on uphill – the traditional ski tour

Uphill-oriented skiers focus on having a great experience and the lightest weight products for going up the mountain. Whether on a single day or multi day tour, a quick after work hike or high alpine tour, when you are looking for fast uphill speed the gear has to be as light as possible. This applies to everything that has to be carried up the mountain. Ski and binding play a major role since both are in constant movement and their „flywheel mass“ is additionally very tiring. This is why we developed a premium light weight binding that also offers great function and high performance. 


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Easy up, easy down – discover versatility and lightweight performance

Modern ski touring is not only about exploring the mountains and nature. It´s also about a perfect run at the end of the day, somewhere in the backcountry, enjoying untouched snow and first tracks. And once you get used to the feeling, you’ll go the mountains more often, even when there´s no new snow. Knowing that, you need equipment that is light yet very versatile. Low weight, great uphill performance, easy handling AND the best possible power transmission are mandatory for a great tour including a perfect downhill run, no matter what the snow conditions are. 

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Kingpin  KINGPIN M-Werks 

Focus on the descent – freeride touring

For skiers for powder runs and first tracks, touring has become the perfect way to discover untouched terrain. For them, hiking is a necessary workout to reach new places, and they accept heavier equipment that will guarantee maximum downhill performance. This includes demanding backcountry riders who skin up from the summit station up to that hidden face for an even better powder run. For both target groups we developed specific bindings that deliver excellent power transmission for the best confidence and control. 

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Tour F12

Explore by stories

We skied the Nanga! 


A mitten, an ice ax, a helmet and a few thermoses later…two months living in a tent are coming to an end. We were able to enjoy beautiful summits spiced with long stays at altitude. This experience has allowed us to practice alpinism as we like it, alone and according to our desires and conceptions. 

The whole story, soon...

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Marker Alpinist - Light touring

The new MARKER Alpinist not only allows to turn the page, it’s build to write history.

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