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  • Are all boots & bindings compatible? Is my certain boot compatible with a certain binding?

    All Marker Alpine bindings are designed to be compatible with boots certified by the ISO Alpine norm ( ISO 5355 ). All Marker Frame touring bindings are as well designed to be compatible with both the Alpine and the Touring boot norm ( ISO 5355 and ISO 9523).

  • Can I remount my binding?

    In general remounting of a Marker binding is ofcourse possible. This has to be done however by an authorized Marker dealer to guarantee a correct mounting and a proper release function respectively.

  • Can you send me a template for self-assembly?

    Unfortunately, for safety reasons we can not provide our customers with self-assembly instructions. However, we recommend you to refer to the dealer at which you bought your Marker product if you have any question on assembly or set-up. If you are not able to get in contact with said dealer, please go to your closest marker dealer, which you can find through our dealerfinder. They will know how to fix the problem you are facing.

  • How do I know the correct DIN setting? How do I adjust the DIN setting of my binding?

    The individual DIN setting is dependent on your body weight, height, age, skiing ability and boot sole length. Calculating and getting the correct DIN setting adjusted is responsibility of our authorized dealers. As well, the adjusted release value needs to be verified/checked on a release machine and based on the result maybe even re-adjusted.

  • How do I set the sole length of my binding?

    We recommend you to go to a Marker dealer. They will be able to adjust the binding and explain to you how to do it for future occasions. You can find out which dealer is closest to you through our dealerfinder.

  • How often do I have to re-check the adjustment of my binding?

    You should have the binding adjustment re-checked after three weeks of use, and at least once per winter season. Also, it is important to re-adjust the settings if there are any changes to you physically or to any of your system parts: skis, boots, and bindings.

  • I have a GripWalk binding. What does that mean? Can I use a non GripWalk boot with it?

    Yes you can. GripWalk compatible bindings can fit standart Alpine (ISO 5355) and GripWalk soles.

  • I have a GripWalk boot, is it compatible to every binding?

    The binding needs to be GripWalk compatible. GripWalk compatible bindings are marked with the GripWalk logo in the toe area - bindings who have that logo on them are GripWalk compatible without any height adjustment. Find out more about GripWalk compatible products on: https://www.grip-walk.com/

  • What is Sole.ID?

    Sole.ID technology provides you the ability to adjust the AFD (Anti Friction Device) gliding plate to different heights and therefore to be compatible with alpine (ISO 5355), touring (ISO 9523) and GripWalk boots. The height of the gliding plate is easily adjsuted with pozi screw at the front of the toe part. To get the AFD set up correctly please go and see a shop.

  • Where do I mount the binding on the ski?

    On many skis a recommended boot center line is indicated. It is also possible to mount the binding in a position closer to the tip or the tail of the ski. If the ski is mounted more to the tip, it will turn easier. If it is mounted towards the tail, the ski will act more solidly at high speed. In any case, you must go to an authorized dealer in order to have it mounted in the correct way. You can find the closest dealer to you through our dealerfinder.

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