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  • Do Freeriders use interfaces?

    Basically, Freeriders don’t use an interface as Carvers or Racers do. Because both Jibber- and Big Mountain skis have a moderate sidecut, it is simply not necessary. Jibbers want to stick their landings, therefore it is better if the skis don’t react over-sensitively (for example in a cant landing). And it is easier to grab your ski when you are not standing 55 mm over the ground.

  • What do I have to do, if my brakes do not fit on my Freeride skis?

    If you ski on wide powder or freeride skis, you might need special wide brakes. For Marker bindings you can get 85, 90, 110 and 136 mm wide brakes as an accessory. It is very important to have brakes that work properly, otherwise your skis can turn into a dangerous weapon! Your authorized Marker dealer can order wide brakes for you and mount them. You can find it through our dealerfinder.

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