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  • Can I become a member of the Marker test team?

    Our products are tested by our R&D and our Test Team throughout the whole year. To keep our quality standards as high as possible, we constantly work together with experts. Let us know if you think that you can contribute to our team by contacting us at marketing@marker.de

  • Can I purchase directly from you?

    We do not have a direct sale channel. However, we have an extensive network of extremely competent dealers which we train so that our customers can have the best service possible. You can locate the authorized dealer that is closest to you through our dealerfinder.

  • How do I store my skis & bindings correctly in summer time?

    Close the heel and turn down the Z-number (DIN/ISO) of your binding to the minimum setting to relieve the spring. Attention: a specialist must adjust the binding before you ski again! It is also good for the binding to grease it slightly with a spray to help protect it from corrosion. Check with your local Marker dealer for the best advise and for the necessary materials to keep your bindings working like new. You can find it through our dealerfinder.

  • How long can I use my binding? / When are ski bindings too old?

    We recommend getting your gear checked in the shop before the beginning of each winter season. In general we recommend a lifetime of not longer than 10 years of a binding because of general wear over time and the safety aspect ski bindings pose.

  • What are demo ski bindings?

    Demo Ski bindings are designed for the rental specifc application. That means the binding can be adjusted to a wide range of boot sole lengths easily and quickly without the need of tools. That way setting up the rental equipment takes minimum time both for the customer and for the shop employee. Marker Demo Bindings offer the tool-less adjustment (FDT = Fast Demo Track) in toe and heel and come in different Options depending on sole length (Kids / Adult), skiing ability and type of skiing.

  • What is a system?

    For a skier, it is important to have a system of ski boot and binding that fit together as a functional unit. The better the components fit together, the better the quality of the skiing experience. The philosophy of Marker is to build the best possible systems and components. To achieve this goal we work intensely with our ski partners—both in the lab and on the snow. For more information visit:


  • What is the difference between the products you offer?

    To better compare the features of the different products that we offer you a compare tool on our website. Go to the product page, click onto the two arrows next to ""Find a dealer"". Do the same for the product you want to compare it with.
    Also check with your local Marker dealer for the best advise. You can find it through our dealerfinder.

  • What Marker binding fits my needs?

    We strongly recommend that you work with an authorized retailer to help you find the best model and size for your needs. Once you tell them your skier ability, preferred skiing conditions & terrain, height and weight, they can help you find the best setup. You can locate your closest authorized retailer through our dealerfinder.

  • Where can I get some stickers?

    For stickers requests, please contact your local dealer through our dealerfinder or our local representative of your country. Depending on the period of the year and on the availability of stickers we will do our best to satisfy your request!

  • Which ski binding size do I need?

    The size of your ski bindings depends on the sole length of your boot. You can find the sole length at the side of the sole indicated in mm. Most of the bindings are mounted specifically for a boot sole and then have a certain ajdustment range in the heel. Frame touring bindings (Tour F10, Tour F12 EPF, Baron) for example have fixed sole length ranges and come in two different sizes: small and large. Have a look at the product pages to find out more.

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