• Are all boots & bindings compatible? Is my certain boot compatible with a certain binding?

    All Marker Alpine bindings are designed to be compatible with boots certified by the ISO Alpine norm ( ISO 5355 ). All Marker Frame touring bindings are as well designed to be compatible with both the Alpine and the Touring boot norm ( ISO 5355 and ISO 9523).

  • Are all pin inserts in touring boots standardised?

    No, pin inserts in touring boots are not standardised.
    In other words, boot manufacturers can simply create their own pin insert (design, material and position in the boot).

    There is only the DIN ISO 9523 standard for touring boots. This standard specifies the design and dimensions of the boot soles and their contact area with the binding. Specifications for pin inserts in the boot do not exist in any standard

    (for example the contact areas for “normal” ski bindings are mentioned, namely their design and dimensions. Pin inserts in the boot are not covered either in this standard or in any other. )

    • All boot manufacturers can design the pin inserts in their boots at their own discretion (designed them as they wish).
    • Many boot manufacturers build very good pin inserts (in terms of material, fit and position) while some do not.
    Less good pin inserts can be identified by wildly fluctuating release values, heavy wear of the pin inserts in the boot and extremely poor ease of entry.

    In summary: Ask your dealer for advice about boot selection.

  • Are there any legal requirements for ski bindings?

    There are no government-mandated standards that apply to ski bindings sold in the United States or Canada, but we design our bindings to comply with European and ASTM safety standards, both of which are considered voluntary standards for ski bindings sold in North America. Some of these standards are mandatory for ski bindings sold in Europe.

  • Are touring bindings an “easy” substitute for ski bindings?

    No, touring bindings / pin bindings are not a substitute for ski bindings.

    Pin bindings were originally only developed as climbing aids. A pin binding is designed to enable you to climb easily and quickly.
    A pin binding is definitely not an “easy ski binding”!

    Incorrect release cycles can particularly occur during extreme use (freeride) as the elasticity of pin bindings is generally significantly lower than on conventional ski bindings.
    Incorrect releases will be more frequent on wider skis (increase in tipping forces).

    In summary: Think about how you generally wish to use your touring binding. Frame bindings are recommended for touring skiers who tend to freeride. If you are mainly interested in fast, easy ascents, pin bindings are ideal for you.

  • Can I always use the Z value of my normal the binding for my pin binding?

    No, pin bindings (without ISO certification) should always be tested on your dealer’s binding adjustment device.

    For pin bindings without an ISO certification, the specified Z value on the scale is often not the actual value.
    If you only make the setting using the scale (without testing on the adjustment machine), it is possible that the binding will be set much too high (or too low).

    The result of this can be incorrect releases or even no release in the event of a fall.

    In summary: Have your touring binding adjusted to the appropriate Z value by an authorised dealer.

  • Can I become a member of the Marker test team?

    Our products are tested by our R&D and our Test Team throughout the whole year. To keep our quality standards as high as possible, we constantly work together with experts. Let us know if you think that you can contribute to our team by contacting us at marketing@marker.de

  • Can I get a sponsorship & how?

    For the first step towards sponsorship meet your local dealer or sales rep to find out if there is an opportunity of getting sponsored in your area. If you already have some achievements in various competitions or you already collected some video material, then you can contact the local Marker representative of your country.

  • Can I purchase directly from you?

    We do not have a direct sale channel. However, we have an extensive network of extremely competent dealers which we train so that our customers can have the best service possible. You can locate the authorized dealer that is closest to you through our dealerfinder.

  • Can I remount my binding?

    In general remounting of a Marker binding is ofcourse possible. This has to be done however by an authorized Marker dealer to guarantee a correct mounting and a proper release function respectively.

  • Can you send me a template for self-assembly?

    Unfortunately, for safety reasons we can not provide our customers with self-assembly instructions. However, we recommend you to refer to the dealer at which you bought your Marker product if you have any question on assembly or set-up. If you are not able to get in contact with said dealer, please go to your closest marker dealer, which you can find through our dealerfinder. They will know how to fix the problem you are facing.

  • Do Freeriders use interfaces?

    Basically, Freeriders don’t use an interface as Carvers or Racers do. Because both Jibber- and Big Mountain skis have a moderate sidecut, it is simply not necessary. Jibbers want to stick their landings, therefore it is better if the skis don’t react over-sensitively (for example in a cant landing). And it is easier to grab your ski when you are not standing 55 mm over the ground.

  • Do Racers use interfaces?

    World Cup, Euro Cup and FIS Racers do try to increase their leverage over the skis. But concerning the safety of these Athletes, the FIS has made maximum height regulations (see below). The advantages of racing interfaces like the PISTON CONTROL SL or GS INTERFACE are: - Cushioning of hits and vibrations: the ski can glide faster.
    - It is less likely that the boot touches the ground and the skier loses control.
    - Sensitive edging for precise high speed turns.
    - Better leverage: better pressure on the edges for icy slopes.
    - Free-flexing of the ski

  • Does it make sense for kids and juniors to ski with an interface?

    Kids do have the same benefits as adults when they are using an interface. But according to their biological development its more important to have a system that is lightweight and adjustable for growing kids. For these special needs we developed the JUNIOR SPEED TUNE SYSTEM. The advantages are:
    - Lightweight Adjustability
    - The binding is always centred on the ski
    - The ski keeps its natural form because the system is free-flexing

  • Has this recall been approved by the government?

    Yes. We are conducting this recall in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission / Health Canada, who will monitor the effectiveness of this recall program.

  • How do I know the correct DIN setting? How do I adjust the DIN setting of my binding?

    The individual DIN setting is dependent on your body weight, height, age, skiing ability and boot sole length. Calculating and getting the correct DIN setting adjusted is responsibility of our authorized dealers. As well, the adjusted release value needs to be verified/checked on a release machine and based on the result maybe even re-adjusted.

  • How do I set the sole length of my binding?

    We recommend you to go to a Marker dealer. They will be able to adjust the binding and explain to you how to do it for future occasions. You can find out which dealer is closest to you through our dealerfinder.

  • How do I store my skis & bindings correctly in summer time?

    Close the heel and turn down the Z-number (DIN/ISO) of your binding to the minimum setting to relieve the spring. Attention: a specialist must adjust the binding before you ski again! It is also good for the binding to grease it slightly with a spray to help protect it from corrosion. Check with your local Marker dealer for the best advise and for the necessary materials to keep your bindings working like new. You can find it through our dealerfinder.

  • How long can I use my binding? / When are ski bindings too old?

    We recommend getting your gear checked in the shop before the beginning of each winter season. In general we recommend a lifetime of not longer than 10 years of a binding because of general wear over time and the safety aspect ski bindings pose.

  • How often do I have to re-check the adjustment of my binding?

    You should have the binding adjustment re-checked after three weeks of use, and at least once per winter season. Also, it is important to re-adjust the settings if there are any changes to you physically or to any of your system parts: skis, boots, and bindings.

  • I am interested in a cooperation with you. Whom should I contact?

    For Advertising/Cooperation requests/ Marketing inquiries etc. please contact your local Marker representative for your country.

  • I can‘t open the BC lever.

    There‘s probably ice between the binding and the ski. Bend the ski with your hands several times to break and remove the ice.

  • I have a GripWalk binding. What does that mean? Can I use a non GripWalk boot with it?

    Yes you can. GripWalk compatible bindings can fit standart Alpine (ISO 5355) and GripWalk soles.

  • I have a GripWalk boot, is it compatible to every binding?

    The binding needs to be GripWalk compatible. GripWalk compatible bindings are marked with the GripWalk logo in the toe area - bindings who have that logo on them are GripWalk compatible without any height adjustment. Find out more about GripWalk compatible products on: https://www.grip-walk.com/

  • I have sent you a broken/defected product for repairing/maintenance. How long will it take to have it back?

    We always put customer service and satisfaction before anything else, as we want to have you going back to have fun on the mountains as soon as possible. However, the time it will take to process such requests will vary depending on the time of the year. If you believe that this process is taking too long, please contact our representative for your country. He/She will make sure to check on the current status of your request.

  • Is every touring boot compatible with every pin binding?

    No, not every touring boot is compatible with every pin binding.

    The standard for touring boots DIN ISO 9523 and the standard for touring ski bindings DIN ISO 13992 ensure that touring boots which comply with the standard are always compatible with bindings which comply with the standard.
    However, both touring boot and binding manufacturers do not always adhere to the appropriate standards. Reasons for this failure to comply with the standards: Special objectives in terms of weight, design, construction or other unique selling point features which cannot satisfy the standard.

    Not every touring boot is therefore compatible with every touring binding.
    This often creates confusion in the shop and incorrect boot binding combinations are often sold and used.

    In summary: Look for information in advance about the compatibility of boots and bindings, for example from the manufacturer or dealer.

  • My Marker clothing broke. Where can I have it repaired?

    Unfortunately we do not manufacture clothing anymore. Hence, we suggest you to contact the dealer that is closest to you through our dealerfinder. In case they have spare parts, they will be able to assist you.

  • The base plate bends under the boot while walking.

    There is snow or ice under the baseplate. Adjust your climbing aid in a higher position.

  • The BC lever can‘t be closed.

    There is snow or ice under the heelplate. Put your ski into a vertical position. Then, bend the base plate several times with your hands to loosen the snow.

  • The binding can‘t be switched into skiing mode.

    Put your Ski in a vertical position. Then clap the binding and ski together to knock off excess snow. Press the binding to the ski with your knee and secure the lever (also see video "Marker Tour F10 & F12").

  • The binding can‘t be switched into walking mode

    Most likely there is ice between the binding and the ski. Bend the ski several times hard with your hands to break the ice.

  • The climbing aid becomes unlocked while walking

    The BC lever wasn‘t fully laid down. When locking the binding take care that the rubber band doesn‘t get caught between lever and ski.

  • The main thing is lightweight?! Material selection for touring boots – what should I look out for?

    For many people buying new touring boots, the main feature is to buy boots which are as lightweight as possible. Particularly lightweight touring boots generally deliver good performance for climbing. In many cases, however, these boots are softer and therefore the do not provide the resistance required for good power transfer from the foot to the edge of the ski on downhill slopes.

    The number of buckles provides a rough guide to the stability of a touring boot: The rule of thumb is that the more buckles it has, the more stable boot will be. For example, racing boots have a reduced number of buckles (one or two) to reduce weight. On the other hand, freeride-type touring boots often have four buckles. Three-buckle boots are a good compromise between the two.

    You should be aware that in certain circumstances a touring boot which is too soft may result in incorrect releases or no defined release.

    In summary: Consider how you will be using the equipment before you buy it.

  • What are demo ski bindings?

    Demo Ski bindings are designed for the rental specifc application. That means the binding can be adjusted to a wide range of boot sole lengths easily and quickly without the need of tools. That way setting up the rental equipment takes minimum time both for the customer and for the shop employee. Marker Demo Bindings offer the tool-less adjustment (FDT = Fast Demo Track) in toe and heel and come in different Options depending on sole length (Kids / Adult), skiing ability and type of skiing.

  • What are the stand height regulations for FIS races?

    FIS regulation for stand heights (ski + plate + binding): Children max. 50 mm. Junior (15 years and older) / Adult max. 55 mm.

  • What can I do, if I stripped a screw?

    Regarding the spare part, please contact the dealer at which you bought it. If you are not able to contact said dealer, please get in touch with your closest dealer through our dealerfinder, they will be able to assist you in the most efficient way. In case both of the options mentioned are not solving your issue, please contact our representative for your country. We will do our best to answer to you as fast as we can.

  • What do I have to do, if my brakes do not fit on my Freeride skis?

    If you ski on wide powder or freeride skis, you might need special wide brakes. For Marker bindings you can get 85, 90, 110 and 136 mm wide brakes as an accessory. It is very important to have brakes that work properly, otherwise your skis can turn into a dangerous weapon! Your authorized Marker dealer can order wide brakes for you and mount them. You can find it through our dealerfinder.

  • What is a system?

    For a skier, it is important to have a system of ski boot and binding that fit together as a functional unit. The better the components fit together, the better the quality of the skiing experience. The philosophy of Marker is to build the best possible systems and components. To achieve this goal we work intensely with our ski partners—both in the lab and on the snow. For more information visit:


  • What is Sole.ID?

    Sole.ID technology provides you the ability to adjust the AFD (Anti Friction Device) gliding plate to different heights and therefore to be compatible with alpine (ISO 5355), touring (ISO 9523) and GripWalk boots. The height of the gliding plate is easily adjsuted with pozi screw at the front of the toe part. To get the AFD set up correctly please go and see a shop.

  • What is the difference between the products you offer?

    To better compare the features of the different products that we offer you a compare tool on our website. Go to the product page, click onto the two arrows next to ""Find a dealer"". Do the same for the product you want to compare it with.
    Also check with your local Marker dealer for the best advise. You can find it through our dealerfinder.

  • What Marker binding fits my needs?

    We strongly recommend that you work with an authorized retailer to help you find the best model and size for your needs. Once you tell them your skier ability, preferred skiing conditions & terrain, height and weight, they can help you find the best setup. You can locate your closest authorized retailer through our dealerfinder.

  • What should I do before my first skiing tour?

    Familiarise yourself with your equipment. Practise first of all in a secure, familiar environment.

    Set the binding to climbing mode, set the various walking modes (0 degrees version and climbing aids), set downhill mode, locking features of the front jaw on pin bindings, practise climbing in and out of the binding.
    (Lever to the front, lever to the rear, lever down, lever up, turn lever, etc. )

    The handling of touring bindings requires a certain amount of practice and also some technical understanding. It is possible to make a large number of errors which can result in the binding not being released in the event of a fall.
    Pin bindings are significantly less convenient than normal ski bindings for entering into the binding.

    We highly recommend that inexperienced touring skiers familiarise themselves very closely with the equipment before starting on their first skiing tour.
    Uncertainty relating to handling the equipment and poor conditions (icy / steep / windy / dark, etc.) will quickly bring in experienced touring skiers to the limits of their abilities

    In summary: Familiarise yourself in great detail with your equipment and its functions. Practise on easy terrain. Never go out alone and initially, you should ideally accompany experienced touring skiers.

  • What should I do, if I have a warranty claim?

    All warranty claims are handled by our retailers. Hence, please take your equipment to your local Marker retailer. They will determine if it is a warranty issue and handle the return for you. You can find the dealer that is closest to you through our dealerfinder.

  • What skiing performance can I expect from a pin binding?

    Classic pin bindings deliver reduced skiing performance by comparison with “normal” Alpine bindings as a result of their reduced contact areas and the poor power transfer resulting from them.

    Touring bindings which only have two pins as contact and power transfer areas in the heel area deliver significantly poorer performance than bindings with a classic “ski binding heel”.

    A lack of power transfer between the boot and ski results in significant reductions in performance.

  • Where can I get some stickers?

    For stickers requests, please contact your local dealer through our dealerfinder or our local representative of your country. Depending on the period of the year and on the availability of stickers we will do our best to satisfy your request!

  • Where do I find information about Marker/Partner bindings?

    For online Information have a look at the Marker website. For professional advice, your local authorized Marker dealer can also assist you. You can find the one that is closest to you through our dealerfinder.

  • Where do I get spare parts from?

    Regarding the spare part, please contact the dealer at which you bought it. If you are not able to contact said dealer, please get in touch with your closest dealer through our dealerfinder, they will be able to assist you in the most efficient way. In case both of the options mentioned are not solving your issue, please contact our representative for your country. We will do our best to answer to you as fast as we can.

  • Where do I mount the binding on the ski?

    On many skis a recommended boot center line is indicated. It is also possible to mount the binding in a position closer to the tip or the tail of the ski. If the ski is mounted more to the tip, it will turn easier. If it is mounted towards the tail, the ski will act more solidly at high speed. In any case, you must go to an authorized dealer in order to have it mounted in the correct way. You can find the closest dealer to you through our dealerfinder.

  • Which ski binding size do I need?

    The size of your ski bindings depends on the sole length of your boot. You can find the sole length at the side of the sole indicated in mm. Most of the bindings are mounted specifically for a boot sole and then have a certain ajdustment range in the heel. Frame touring bindings (Tour F10, Tour F12 EPF, Baron) for example have fixed sole length ranges and come in two different sizes: small and large. Have a look at the product pages to find out more.

  • Who do I share my skiing content with?

    You can share your skiing experiences by tagging @markerproducts on Instagram or by sending us the pictures via Facebook message. Seeing our customers having fun and enjoying our products is what pushes us to continuously improve!

  • Who is my contact person in case of a reclamation?

    Regarding the broken part, please contact the dealer at which you bought it. If you are not able to contact said dealer, please get in touch with your closest dealer through our dealerfinder, they will be able to assist you in the most efficient way. In case both of the options mentioned are not solving your issue, please contact our representative for your country. We will do our best to answer to you as fast as we can.

Any unanswered questions?

Please enter the following contact form. Please fill out all mandatory fields and your request will be directly forwarded to the responsible department. We will get in contact with you and process your request as fast as we can, depending also on the time of the year.

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