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Ski Boot


Built for maximum edge pressure and g-forces accelerating your heartbeat. The Marker race bindings accept no compromise when it comes to power and performance.

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Slalom, giant slalom, downhill and Super G – this is racing, the fight for the podium and the passion for milliseconds. This also is the most demanding discipline for both athletes and equipment. Precise steering, total ski control, shock dampening and power transmission are mandatory. From World Cup athletes to club racers, Marker has developed leading technologies to support the needs of all racers. In addition to safety features, our race bindings have technologies dedicated to dampening and shock absorbtion on the hardest snow surfaces, to stabilize the ski and allow the athlete to fully concentrate on the perfect line. 

XComp technology

Xcomp bindings deliver what most top athletes demand: slightly reduced stiffness, smoother performance and a less direct feel in terms of power and shock transfer. They are more forgiving as the skier approaches the limit and provide more comfort in icy, bumpy conditions without any loss of steering precision. In addition, all Xcomp models have a one piece toe mounting with modified absorbers and proven X-CELL dampening technology. This creates a smoother ride, the perfect ski flex and total control in critical situations. Magnesium sole holders and a Teflon AFD round out the racing setup.

XComp toe

The Xcomp toe consists of one main section and is mounted as one piece. Modifications in shock absorbance and reduced stiffness give the ski a more natural and harmonic flex as well as a more smooth, forgiving performance.  Also, the Teflon AFD provides a smoother interface between boot and binding. Of course, the Xcomp is equipped with the unique X-CELL damping piston to absorb impacts and keep the boot centered in the binding.

X-CELL heel

16 mm of elastic travel, good vertical energy absorbtion and strong vertical power deliver power before the release and an optimized performance band. This gives the skier confidence to push the limits. Wider connection points offer improved, very direct and responsive power transmission.

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