Kye Petersen


Born and raised in the coast mountains near Whistler BC. Grew up spending most of my time in the mtns or at the skatepark and lived and breathed canadian mtn culture since day one. My favourite time of skiing is in the backcountry but i don't like to classify myself as i trully am an all terrain skier from ski mountaineering to backcountry freestyle to freeriding. I live in Pemberton BC now where i ski Whistler Blackcomb and the surrounding backcountry touring zones of the south coast. I first began the pro skier game thing at age 14 and dont plan on stopping my progression for as long as i can forsee.


Date of birth
Home mountain
Live everyday like it's your last with plans to live forever
All Terrain Skier
Surfing, climbing, skateboarding, Mtn biking.
Top results

Top Results/ Achievements: Movie of the Year 2017 for Numinous film. A few wins in redbull Coldrush events and FWT. Multiple powder awards for 15 years. 2nd descent of Gerbolet coulior Waddington range BC.


1. Favorite Marker Binding
KingPin 13
2. Why?
Because it skis like a race binding on piste and rides better than any touring binding in the pow. It also allows skis to flex freely has a great balance between freeride and lightweight.
3. Favorite Marker Goggle and Helmet
Depends on the day and outing but most often i've been riding the Kojak helmet with the 16:9 goggle.
4. Why?
Mostly just for the simple design style, ease of use for multiple types of shredding, good fit and fact that lightweight mixed with durability and functionality are often the direction i go toward.
5. How long have you been riding for Marker?
Just joined the team and couldn't be happier! It's been just over a month i've been using the products and i am blown away with how well everything is performing! Very grateful.

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