From the highest mountain of the alps the Mont Blanc in 13 days across the 7 summits of the alps (or European 7 summits?) to the sea 


  1. Mont Blanc in France (4.810 m) 
  2. Gran Paradiso in Italy (4.061 m) 
  3. Dufourspitze in Switzerland (4.634 m)
  4. Vordere Grauspitze in Liechtenstein (2.599 m)
Zugspitze in Germany (2.962 m)
  6. Großglockner in Österreich (3.798 m)
  7. Triglav in Slovenia (2.864 m) 


All the routes between the mountains were driven by bike. Except for 3 locked tunnels. But for that I drove after the ascent of Triglav over 200km to the sea in Slovenia 


Hard Facts: 

16.468 asc & 225 km ski touring, hiking and climbing 
1.355 km & 16.498 asc with road bike

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