Body Vest MAP 2.0 (Men)

Maximum protection and comfort

Art-Nr.: 16920015+(S-XL)

MAP 2.0 Protective Wear

Highest level of body protection and comfort

MARKER protective garments are also engineered to take advantage of the MARKER MAP 2.0 features. Designed to reflect orthopedic and protection concerns, MARKER vests and shorts provide effective protection for body parts with the greatest injury risk, all without compromising on freedom of movement. Thanks to the unique MAP technology, they guarantee level 2 protection despite ultra-thin materials that are remarkably light, low bulk and anatomical.

Specifications Body Vest MAP 2.0 (Men)

Body Vest MAP 2.0 (Men)

MARKER´s HYBRID Body Vest offers our highest level of comfort and body protection thanks to 3 distinct layers of MAP material. We combine ultra-flexible HYBRID MAP and its sandwich design with ultra-premium, breathable materials and a quick-release belt. Utilizing three MAP layers of different stiffnesses and thicknesses makes one highly flexible multi-layer construction. Each individual layer features its own individual properties, harmonized to the specific requirements placed upon it. The thinner layup also allows greater air circulation for greater comfort. With each layer able to slide against the one adjacent to it, it automatically adjusts to the wearer‘s back as it twists and extends. A belt is integrated into the outside of the vest to make it easier to put on and adjust, with velco closures that allow you make both rough and fine adjustments in seconds flat.



750 gr, 390 gr FIS-ready (M-Size)


S / M / L / XL




MAP Protection materials; Shock absorber along the rib cage


· MarkAIR Channel Design
· Central spin protection
· Quick-configure belt on outside of garment
· FIS-ready: Thanks to the removable protector with kidney belt, can also be worn without vest


· High-quality functional material, made in Italy
· 4D Stretch
· Extremely breathable
· Transports moisture away from the body


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Body Vest MAP 2.0 (Men)

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