Pintech Crampon

Tailor-made crampons for Marker pin bindigns.

Specifications Pintech Crampon



Crampon width 90 mm = Ski width 75 - 90 mm
Crampon width 105 mm = Ski width 90 - 105 mm
Crampon width 120 mm = Ski width 105 - 120 mm


95g @ 105mm
100g @ 120mm


90 mm
105 mm
120 mm


Anodized aluminum

Pintech Crampon

Of course we offer highly functional crampons especially for Marker pin bindings like KINGPIN and ALPINIST. They are specially light and are easily slided in sideways of the toe piece without having to step out of the binding. They provide optimal grip on icy or hard-packed underground and produce hardly any friction on the feed-foreward. There are three differend widths at choice: 90, 105 and 120mm.

Variants Pintech Crampon

Pintech Crampon 90 mm

Art-Nr.: H001P1P


Pintech Crampon 105 mm

Art-Nr.: H002P1P


Pintech Crampon 120 mm

Art-Nr.: H003P1P


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Pintech Crampon

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