Brake Royal

Universal free ride brake for Royal Family and Tour

Specifications Brake Royal

Brake Royal

Marker freeride brakes in combination with Marker bindings are suited for all skis with flat top sheet. Whenever a spare part is needed or when the binding gets mounted on a new wider or narrower ski. Compatible with: Duke, Jester, Baron, Jester Pro, Griffon, Squire , Tour F10, Tour F12 Size: 136 mm 120 mm 110 mm 90 mm 85 mm


Variants Brake Royal

Brake Royal (136 mm)

Art-Nr.: W015O1B


Brake Royal (120 mm)

Art-Nr.: W026O1B


Brake Royal, Tour (110 mm)

Art-Nr.: W016G1B


Brake Universal, Royal, Tour (90 mm)

Art-Nr.: W017G1B


Brake Universal, Royal, Tour (85 mm)

Art-Nr.: W018M1B


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Brake Royal

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