Marker Helmet and Goggles, built to protect

Marker helmets and goggles protect and perform for some of the best skiers in the world.

MDV athletes Kaylin Richardson and Ian McIntosh trust Marker's MAP technology for its added protection, light weight, and enhanced fit.

MAP. Created to Protect.
Exclusively for Marker Helmets and Goggles

MARKER MAP PROTECTION is an innovative, closed-cell foam delivering multi-impact absorption. MAP is extremely lightweight as compared with previous protective materials. Under normal conditions, MAP (Multi-impact Adaptive Polymer) is soft and flexible, ensuring freedom of movement and comfort. During impact, MAP begins to stiffen while the strike is still happening, helping to absorb energy. 

Ian McIntosh chooses the Phoenix MAP, utilizing a hybrid design combined with MAP protection pads. Positioned in the critical areas at the back of the head, forehead, and temples, MAP can protect up to 22% more effectively compared with standard EPS helmets. MARKER is the only helmet maker to implement this innovative material, which regains its initial shape almost instantaneously, protecting against multiple impacts during the same crash. MAP PADS also make the helmet more comfortable, since they automatically adjust to the skier's head shape, and prevent pressure points from forming. The ultimate in comfort, quality, and performance.

The Ampire MAP for women, favorite of Kaylin Richardson, features a hybrid shell design, adjustable venting, and MAP technology, plus women's specific features like volume fleece-lined ear pads and liners. Our 360 degree Edge Protection System improves durability, cosmetics, and performance thanks to in-molded sections under the brim and on the bottom of the helmet in the back. Specifically designed for snowsports applications.

The 16:10+ MAP has the largest field of view of any Marker goggle, with a semi-frameless design that looks as good as it performs. A layer of MAP padding between the goggle frame and the skier's face means more protection during a crash, also allowing it to follow the shape of the face, ensuring that the goggles sit just right. During a crash, it absorbs and dissipates impact, protecting the sensitive areas around the eye sockets and cheekbones.

The 16:10+ MAP offers top-notch engineering combined with stylish looks, with supersized spherical DUAL BIONOMIC lenses with NMT coating, for a huge field of vision. Its SUPERFIT frame with V-SPLIT NOSE adapts automatically to your face shape, so the goggles fit comfortably and securely every time. Marker's Clarity Mirror low light lens is included as a spare.

The NEW Perspective MAP goggle features a stylish, large frame design that offers a huge field of vision combined with the layer of MAP padding between the goggle frame and the skier's face.  Top-notch engineering abounds, with the same spherical lens and comfortable face foam as the 16:10 plus.

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