GOLD and SILVER - Solevaag and Pertl at the World Championships in Cortina

What a finish to the Alpine Ski World Championships in Cortina for our athletes Sebastian Foss Solevaag and Adrian Pertl!

On Sunday Sebastian Foss Solevaag skied from 3rd to 1st place in the slalom after a super 2nd run and won his first individual medal at a World Championships! Since 1997 there has been no Norwegian slalom world champion. Sebastian Foss Solevaag is a double World Champion with this title, because he also became World Champion in the Mixed Team Parallel Event. In the interview Foss Solevaag is happy not only for himself but for the whole Norwegian team. "World champion is a dream for me. It was a difficult second run, I knew I had to step on the gas. It was a good run, I am super satisfied. Two golds in Cortina is incredible. We had so many crashes, injuries, this result is good for the team."

Adrian Pertl, who was in 1st place after the first run, had to admit defeat to the Norwegian in the 2nd run. Nevertheless, the 24-year-old Austrian was very happy about his silver medal.  Also for him, it was his first individual medal at a World Championship and his first medal ever. This was the young Austrian's first time competing in a World Ski Championships and he had only been on the podium once before in the World Cup.

"Second place is like a gold medal for me", the silver medalist was pleased in an interview with ORF.

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