Birk Ruud 2nd, Nick Goepper 3rd FIS Freeski World Slopestyle Championships

The Voelkl Freeski team dominated the podium at the FIS Freeski World Slopestyle Championships with Birk Ruud placing 2nd and Nick Goepper 3rd behind James Wood in 1st. The event took place in Park City after a tough week of weather conditions


1st James Woods (GBR) - switch 270 - backside 270, 180 - switch right 450 disaster, switch 180 on - 360 off, switch right 900 mute, left dub 1080 safty to japan, right dub 1260 tail.

2nd Birk Ruud (NOR) - right 450 - pretzel 270, switch 270 - backside 270, 180 on switch 180 off, right dub 1080 safety, left dub 1260 mute, switch lef dub 1400 tail.


3rd Nicholas Goepper (USA) - switch right 450 to switch, switch 180 - left 270 disaster, right 270 - 630 off, switch right misty 900 mute,  right dub 1080 safety to double japan, left dub 1260 tail.




Photos: @norfreeski Luke Allen



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