Reece Howden


Reece Howden is athlete on the Canadian Ski Cross Team from British Columbia. He was born July 12, 1998 and started skiing not long after learning to walk. He grew up skiing alpine and was picked up by the Canadian Ski Cross Team after the Youth(U18) Olympic Games Lillehammer Norway in 2016, where he won Gold in Ski Cross.


Date of birth
Home mountain
The pursuit of success is more fullfilling than the success itself.
Ski Cross
Backcountry skiing, mountainbiking and mountaineering
Top results
  • 4x1st place Nor-Am Cup in Nakiska 2022

  • 13th place WC in Veysonnaz 2022

  • 1st place WC in Reiteralm 2022

  • 9th place Olympic Winter Games in Beijing 2022

  • 3rd place WC in Innichen 2021

  • 2nd place WC Ski Cross Team in Arosa 2021

  • 1st place WC in Sunny Valley 2021

  • 2nd place WC in Reiteralm 2021

  • 5th place World Championships in Idre Fjäll 2021

  • 1st place WC in Idre Fjäll 2021

  • 1st place WC in Val Thorens 2020



1. Why do you like being a part of the Marker team?
Being part of the Marker Team feel great on and off the slopes. There products are of the highest quality and their support to athletes is exceptional.
2. How long have you been riding for Marker?
Since 2016
3. What age did you start skiing? 
When i was 2 years old.
4. Biggest breakthrough in your ski career
Choosing to try Ski Cross.
5. Favorite Place to ride

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