Maude Besse


When I was a kid, I quickly understood that skiing was the best game in the world. Pleasure was always my goals during my ski days, holidays, weekends. Everyday as soon as I came out from school, I had to escape on the slope, pretty easy for me because I lived 5 minutes from the lift. My dad forwarded me his spirit competition. After few years in alpine ski, I noticed that my true happiness was to go out from the slope, where everything is free and calm. That is why I do Freeride now, to let escape my personality in the pow.


Date of birth
Home mountain
Verbier 4 Vallées
Take the positive in all situations of life!
Soccer, slackline, mountain, drawing
Top results

Junior Freeride World Champion



1. Favorite Marker Binding
The Jester Pro 18 and the Kingping 13
2. Why?
The Jester is a rock, really strong, it gives me more confidence when i'm skiing. The Kingping is perfect for hiking and finish this with a in very challenging downhill.
3. Favorite Marker Goggle and Helmet
Phoenix Map
4. Why?
It is really light and the form is nice for my tiny head.
5. Why do you like being a part of the Marker team?
As simle as that: i love the team spirit and honestly, it's a dream since i am a kid.

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