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Markus Eder is the first Italian new school freestyler to reach international recognition. At first sight, Markus Eder is a typical Italian from Southern Tyrol. He was born in Bruneck and raised in Luttach in the nearby Ahrntal valley, where he still lives today. He started skiing at the age of four, was an alpine racer for many years and enjoys rock climbing in the summer. He even loves pizza and ice-cream. However a few winters back something diverted his typically Italian path. He discovered freeskiing! Five years later Markus Eder is the first Italian new school freestyler to reach international recognition becoming the Freeride World Tour Champion in 2019.

Markus: "Loving every aspect about Freeskiing. Being able to have fun and being progressive on prepared terrain, tricking in the backcountry or skiing bigger lines in places like Alaska is key for me. "


Date of birth
Home mountain
Climbing, skateboarding, biking, trampoline, tinkeling
Top results

Freeride World Tour Champion 2019

1st Freeride World Tour Fieberbrunn, Austria 2019

1st Freeride World Tour Habuka Japan 2019

2nd Freeride World Tour Kicking Horse Golden BC 2019

2nd overall Freeride World Tour 2018

3rd Verbier Xtremes 2018 

2nd Freeride World Tour Kicking Horse 2018

1st Freeride World Tour Courmayeur 2013

15th Olympics Sochi 2014

2nd Red Bull Linecatcher 2011

1st Swatch Skiers Cup 2016/2013/2011


1. Favorite Marker Binding
King Pin
2. Why?
Having such a light piece of ingeneering under your feet for the way up just feels nice. But what makes it stand out is the performance on the way down where you don't have to worry about wrong releasement.
3. Why do you like being a part of the Marker team?
Bindings are such an important part of safety of our gear and feeling safe while riding is one less thing to worry about.
4. What age did you start skiing? 
When I was 3 i did my first run down the crosscountry track behind our house.
5. Biggest breakthrough in your ski career
The 2nd place of the Red Bull Linecatcher in 2011 was defenitely the result I'm the most stoked about. Mostly because it introduced me to backcountry skiing.

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