Katrine Munkholm

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When moving around the world, I've had some captivating insights to different aspects of tech skiing from my colleagues and training partners. It’s always inspiring to experience how relationships are built across different cultures of skiing and tradition. Expressing these cultures with personal style then becomes a playful pursuit!

I find much joy in the journey of achieving a goal. I'm positive and dynamic by nature, so I always focus on how I can make the most of my given situation. Life will always throw challenges at you - I try to use them as an opportunity to get stronger and wiser!


Home mountain
My home country is flat, but I flee as often as I can.
There's no bad snow - only bad skiers
Technical skiing
Being with good friends, chess and training


1. Favorite Marker Binding
The Duke PT 16
2. Why?
It's versatility is pure genius. I can easily pin it to my Kryptons going up and ride it hard on the way down.
3. Why?
The team is very supportive, and the constant development of the products reassures me that my gear is always up-to-date.
4. What age did you start skiing? 
At 2 years old
5. Biggest breakthrough in your ski career
At age 21 I got on the National Examiner team in Denmark.

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