Forrest Jillson


I grew up as the son of a JHMR Ski Patrolman, seeing the inside workings of one of the most professional and versatile groups of "trollers" in America. I've lived all over Teton County Wyoming, first living Wilson Wy. where I went to Wilson Elementary School with the likes of Travis Rice, who was also the son of a Ski Patroller. Then moving to Alta, Wyoming where our K-6 Elementary School had 60 kids total with one of those kids being Sage Cattabirga Alosa. Watching all of these older kids grow and achieve was a huge inspiration for me. I spent time working on tricks and technique throughout high school and worked as a liftee out of high school at JHMR, wanting nothing more than to ski as much as possible until I shattered my femur when I was twenty. Having recovered from that injury over the course of the next few years I decided that I had been given a second chance and an opportunity to get back to striving for a professional skiing career. I signed up for the FWQ circuit at age 25 with top twenty results my first season. Feeling less than inspired after my first year, I continued to compete the next year and finished with top ten results all season long with a win at the finals at Big Sky. Winning by 11.67 points with fellow competitors being George Rodney, Kyle Taylor, Leo Slemmet, Ivan Malakov and other skiers that qualified for the FWT the next year was a turning point. I missed qualifying for the FWT by one spot. I never thought I would ever compete at that level following my femur injury and continued to compete the next year at the Freeskiing World Tour stop in Big Sky which I won again and became the current Freeskiing World Tour Champion. I have one sister who I live with here in Jackson who is also a pro skier and works in fashion.


Date of birth
United States
Home mountain
Jackson Hole Mountain Resort
If you don’t go, you won't know.
Big Mountain
Biking, Hiking, Hunting, Spending time with friends.
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Freesking World Tour Champion 2017

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1. Favorite Marker Binding
Jester Pro
2. Why?
The most trustworthy. It releases when I need it to and not a second sooner or later.
3. Favorite Marker Goggle and Helmet
16:10 goggles, Phoenix Carbon helmet
4. Why?
Sleek, light and safe Helmet. The Carbon really makes sense when it comes to taking impact. I wish more companies used it.
5. Why do you like being a part of the Marker team?
Marker has long been a respected and company that knows how to make the best bindings on the market. If I wasn't of team Marker I would still use Marker bindings.

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