Carole Chambaret


Born in the heart of the French Alps, i naturally turned into skiing. At the beginning in the moguls with my dad, then training with the ski club and now far from the crowd, everywhere around the world on the mountains that make me dream. I love travelling, adventure, steep skiing and altitude. Skiing is combining all my passions. 


Home mountain
Val d'Isère, French alps
Ski touring, steep skiing
Travelling, skiing, alpinism, climbing


1. Favorite Marker Binding
Marker Alpinist
2. Why?
Thanks to its light weight :indispensable for big difference in level.
Easy and fast to use with its two positions , switching between hike and ride mode is very simple and it's so important to be efficient especially in high altitude. Efficient with its perfect step in and reliable. Thanks to the lenght between the ski boots and the binding which respects the ski flex perfectly and which is very nice for steep skiing.
3. Favorite Marker Goggle and Helmet
Big picture+ 
4. Why?
Wide open view and good style
5. Why do you like being a part of the Marker team?
Because of the quality and reliability of the product which is an essential point in my pratice. Marker is always looking for the best compromise for the different disciplines (weight, security, easy to use).
6. How long have you been riding for Marker?
4 seasons 

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