Austin Ross

Freeride, Touring

My name is Austin Ross and I am a professional skier and mountain sport athlete from the BC Coast Mountain Range. I began skiing around the same time that I learned to walk and have since spent time all over the world chasing storms and working on photo and film assignments for my sponsors, magazine publications and movie production companies.
Besides skiing, I like to explore the realm of the natural world through free flight on my paragliders and speed wings.


Date of birth
Home mountain
#learn tocrow
Backcountry skier
Guitar, Paragliding/Speedflying

Rider's Videos


1. Favorite Marker Binding
King Pin
2. Why?
Progressive design; light weight, solid and reliable.
3. Favorite Marker Goggle and Helmet
The Big Picture Goggle & Clark Helmet
4. Why?
The goggle offers great peripheral views and simplicity in design. A huge bonus is how easy it is to swap lenses on the fly. The Clark helmet is light weight, comfortable and the size adjuster is easy to adjust for the perfect fit.
5. How long have you been riding for Marker?
Since 2014

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