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Freeride bindings with hiking functionality – unlimited versatility

Serious skiers need more than just a fixation of the boot to the ski. When shredding remote pitches and steep lines riders need a strong connection to the ski. Ultimate functionality, direct power transmission, control of the ski and comfortable handling are a must. To reach as many untracked lines as possible we added the hiking function to two of our top freeride bindings. Because where the lifts end, there are many more options to be discovered.

The new hybrid Freeride Binding

The Duke PT

The New LEading Power



Freestyle and freeride bindings for park & pipe, big mountains and deep powder

The more aggressive the skiing style and terrain, the more important is to have the perfect connection between ski and binding. Marker bindings guarantee direct power transmission, improved ski control and that famous reliability, even on big hits, hard landings in the park, or just skiing your favorite line. For all sizes and levels of skiers, we offer the perfect gear!


One binding for all boots!


Regardlesss of your choice of ski boot, Marker SOLE.ID bindings are compatible any boot, any time! Whether working with alpine, touring, or GripWalk boot soles, with SOLE.ID the shop can adjust the bindings in seconds. Easy to handle, and of course providing uncompromising performance. SOLE.ID accommodates ISO 5355 (alpine) and ISO 9523 (touring) norms.

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