Trevor Kennison

Grew up in Keene, NH, playing sports my whole life. After high school I moved to Colorado. After a year of living in Colorado I broke my back, I suffered a spinal cord injury taking the use of my legs, leaving me in a wheelchair. Five years later, and I'm back at it in a sit ski, throwing backflips and jumping big cliffs and couldn't be happier.


Winter Park, CO
Live life to the fullest.
Biking, moto, fishing, surfing, and traveling


1. Bevorzugte Marker Bindung
Marker 24 XCell with a Piston Plate
2. Warum?
Best binding in the game, also the strongest binding for a sit ski.
3. Seit wann fährst Du für Marker?
4. Wann hast Du mit dem Skifahren angefangen? 
Started snowboarding when I was 4 and started sit skiing at 24.
5. Der größte Durchbruch in Deiner Skikarriere?
Jumping off of Corbet's Couloir

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