Pierre Bugnard


I live in Switzerland in Gruyère ( known for the famous cheese).I started skiing very young and since then i have always been passionate about this sport. I am not the most talented skier but i work hard to achieve my goals. I participated in my first World Cup in 2016 in Solden. I am proud and grateful to be part of the Volkl Team.


Charmey (Gruyère) Switzerland
Life's not about how hard of a hit you can give… it's about how many you can take , and still keep moving forward
Giant Slalom and Super G
Football , Moto , grilling with friends

> 1st place FIS GS in Hoch-Yibrig (SUI) 2020
> 4th place at the EC GS in Trysil (NOR) 2019
> 6th place at the EC GS in Kirchberg (AUT) 2020

5th SG EC Andorra / 7th GS EC Trysil


1. Bevorzugte Marker Bindung
Race X-Cell 24.0
2. Warum?
Race binding
3. Was gefällt Dir daran, Mitglied im Marker-Team zu sein?
The development is very professional
4. Seit wann fährst Du für Marker?
Since 3 years
5. Wann hast Du mit dem Skifahren angefangen? 
When I was 3 years old

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